A Curse One Should Hate

A gift given by love, a gift given by fate,

The chance to peek into what’s yet to be

Considered a burden, a curse one should hate,

A thorn at my side, an illness that got me.


~LALALA ^-^ HS Days

“In fact, I nev…

“In fact, I never stopped loving you. But I want God’s will so badly – even if it does not include you”

– From a Book. ( I forgot its name)

This is a very random quote for me. Hahahaha so do not misinterpret that I am in love with someone. No. I am only in love with my first love. Jesus Christ. Maybe someday I would be able to meet him and hopefully not this quote. And I know that true love really waits. 
~Let God write your LOVE STORY. Do not take the pen away from God. :”> ❤ 😉 

How to Be a Successful Student


The purpose of this article shows the process of how to be a successful student. Through this article you will three significant measures on how to maintain high grades and ace your tests. 


            Some people nowadays have difficulty handling up with examinations, school works and other school-related activities. They may brawl their first semester in college or their first semester in High School and many more. Every student should image how he studies the best; many people can study potently at dawn with the music playing at their background but some people cannot. However, some people have a harder time adjusting to college than other people and may feel that success is far reachable. Moreover, students can be successful in many ways. Motivation, hard work, and time management are the three significant measures in becoming a successful student.

            For a student to become successful, he must have enough motivation. In order to have motivation, first he must have a goal. According to Capt. Padilla from his book entitled ‘Simple’, “Goal is defined as an observable value and measurable end result having one or more objectives to be achieved within a more or less fixed time frame.” Students should set up goals because this fuels motivation and determination. Goals are an excellent tool for creating a successful and better life. A goal also fuels the eagerness and dedication of students towards studying. It is very clear in this article that the goal that is being voiced out is a successful student. Another simple action to boost up motivation is to post motivational quotes at a student’s study room. In this way the student will be reminded and be filled with hope. At the same time, a student may also seek advice from his professors, teachers, mentors and classmates. By doing this, it may end with a strong and uplifted mind that is filled with enough determination towards studying and learning new things.

            One does not only need motivation to be a successful student, another measure is to be hard-working. Students need to sow and sow so that someday they may reap what they worked hard for. In order to obtain that goal; first, a student should pass all the necessary requirements needed. This includes assignments, projects quizzes and other requirements. These are keys essential for passing the semester with high colors. Keep this in mind that professors and teachers do not make the grades of their students but the students simply make their own grades. Students’ grades are based on their performance. If the students want to be successful they must pass through pain and suffering. Like what most people keep on saying, “No pain, no gain”.  No undertaking is difficult if pursued with perseverance. Another is for students to strive harder and harder to get high grades.  If the student should study for almost three hours just to get a concept right then he must do so. With this, the student may receive high grades and thus pave his way to success. Always remember that with hard work students can achieve greater things.

            The last but not the least; a student can only be fruitful if they know how to manage their time. Students nowadays are drowned from hang-outs, Facebook, computer games and other distractions that simply eat their time for studying. Students should learn the art of managing time. They must ensure a deadline to accomplish task. Time management is relatively stimulating for several students, but if they are determined, they can shape their time to suit their necessities. A student should at least have an organized list of all duties and assignments so as to manage time because they may tend to maximize their time and perform many tasks in as little time as possible. Also, students should always be prepared with interruptions with their schedule. Lastly, when reviewing do not procrastinate! Cramming is not beneficial for producing long term memory. In the end, the students will have improved study habits and in no time, improved grades.

            In order to be successful, it does not always comprise complicated processes. It just only involves motivation, hard work and time management. There are so many measures on how to be a successful student, people should just look at the right sources. People simply do not become successful instantaneously. They cannot acquire these processes immediately. It takes time, practice and hard work. Just like what Robert Collier said, “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” Keep in mind that a person should take the first step in order to move and reach the top of the staircase. People should not be overwhelmed with how long and how far their dreams are. They just need three things beside the guidance of God; there are: motivation, hard work, and time management.


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Padilla Jr. A. (2011) Arsenio C. Padilla Jr. Enterprises: Simple



~ Written in my Communication Arts Class under Ms. Basaysay

You Are The Reason

You Are The Reason


You are the reason, why I am smiling

The reason that I am not whimpering

You are the reason why I am still living

Living in this mystique world of sympathy

You are the reason why I am happy

Happy as I can be

You are the reason on why I pray

Desperate, I have so many things to say

You are the reason why I laugh

In this world that is harshly rough

You are the reason why I keep on dreaming

Thankfully, not ending, screaming

You are the reason why I am saved

Saved from this dreary grave

You are the reason why I love

Because your heart is as white as a dove

You are the reason why I do not quit

Thankful,not ending quite sick

I am the reason too, on why you gave your life,

So my life will not end up with quite a strife



~ He is the reason. :”> ❤ 
*HisLoveNeverFails JC.

You’re the reason why I smile, making my day worthwhile. 

My Last Waltz ~JS Promenade Ball

My Last Waltz

As I walk my way inside this immense place,

Many ladies and gentlemen have given their grace,

Managing to take my frilly seat,

At something that is beautifully unique.

I still cannot believe,

Stressed out, not fully relieved.

At this time, he is supposed to be here,

But why is it that in my heart, there is this fear?

Finally, a friend told me,

After that conversation, I nearly lost my glee,

Finding out that he will be asking me to dance,

Finally thinking that this will be my chance.

Apparently, this mere fact made me queasy,

In fact, it did not make me happy.

As I stare into a desolated space,

Trying to figure out how to free myself from this horrific maze.

Without realizing that there is a hand held out,

My heart, keep on pounding, trying to shout,

“Can I have this dance?” He asked and said,

Suddenly, my heart began to bled,

Remembered my friend’s saying,

That this dance he is about to give has no meaning.

I pretended that I am okay,

But deep inside it is filled with dismay.

What is the reason behind all of this?

Is it to make me at bliss?

I could not fathom my whole reaction,

And I also could not interpret his very actions.

After a few week, I finally knew,

That his feelings for me are not true,

Confessions I desperately do not accept,

Those few moments I really regret.

I cant express these feelings of mine,

Its as if my heart was put in line,

Fresh tears began to immerse,

My heart began to simply burst.

Thankfully, I still managed to show a smile,

And make every moment worthwhile,

All that’s left to do is accept the lonely fact.

I kept on pinpointing things that I lack,

That sudden feeling I felt at that moment,

A feeling that surely torments,

This frail heart of mine that is tirelessly struggling,

A heart that is barely surviving.

I asked God’s embrace,

And God’s presence in this place,

I reached out for his warm and welcoming hand,

Now I feel as if I am above the land,

God said I should not be afraid to fall,

Because He will catch me through it all,

Even if there is still a dominating pain,

But I know that my love is not put to vain.

I know that someday I will recover,

And then surely discover,

My destined Prince in my life,

That will help me end this never-ending strife.

In every fall and trial, I should endure,

Moping around and feeling broken is not the cure.

That may be my last dance,

But keep in mind, that is not my last chance.



~Written during NAT, haha I cannot believe I wrote this. :3 I like the message at the last part, but I didn’t know that I was that broken during my High School years. hahaha Ohhh the memories kept on flashing back.Image