Your Other Half: Waiting for Your Mr. Right

The purpose of this article shows the concept of waiting for your other half. Through this article you will see why you should wait for the right time, right place and right person to finally welcome love in your life.


Your Other Half: Waiting for Your Mr. Right

            “True Love Waits” is a saying that is commonly used throughout in our daily lives but unfortunately, some are only given an opportunity to completely understand what this really means. Do we need to look for it or does it come knocking on your door? Love is not just a thing or a feeling but it is also a choice we need to make. This article may not enlighten you regarding the concept of love but it may enlighten you to the concept of waiting for your true love.

Would you still believe in me that I am still part of the NBSB Clan? The NBSB Clan stands for No-Boyfriend-Since-Birth clan. I never had one because I believe that love has its own time and I think that now is not the time for such thing. Love, you do not find it because it simply finds you so there is nothing to worry about. Remember that there is a time for everything and has its own season.

However in some other cases, people tend to have limited thinking and treat this matter as if it has no significance. A lot of teenagers nowadays have encountered so many hardships when it comes to relationship. It does not have to be that way! Our aim here is not on the quantity but more on the quality. It does not matter if you have too much experience regarding this matter; it comes to the point of purity. We can say, a girl who has broken for so many times as an illustration and we can compare this to mere clothing or a blouse just to be exact. The heart of the girl and the blouse can be used as an illustration to further explain the concept of true love waits. If the blouse gets used by a lot of people, it may results that the fabric can be exhausted due to repeated usage. The same thing happens to the heart of the girl. A human heart is so frail that it gets tires, it only has certain limitations and it is not boundless. Consequently, if the girl keeps on falling in love at the same time gets her heart broken; what will happen to her frail and innocent heart? Probably it can be transformed into a bitter heart; then what is all left to her other half is only shattered pieces.

When explaining the concept of waiting for your other half, it involves readying yourself to meeting your groom-to-be or bride-to-be. We do not want or we cannot afford to have any imperfections as much as possible because quality matter here. As I said earlier, love is not just a thing for it requires some thinking. Love involves important decisions that will not be taken lightly. It is not as easy as deciding which dress you will wear on Sunday or choosing to skip meals on supper. It is more than that. Unfortunately, young people nowadays have been labeled as young, wild and free but it is sadly wrong. Despite the hardships young people young people may face, they should use this motivation to wait for their so-called other half, not try looking for it in a subway or bar. Young people tend to rush on things when time is just behind them.

Upon waiting for your other half, it also involves extreme patience and perseverance too. I can simply relate this to my current situation:

I have turned down a lot of guys who simply tries to hinder my priorities but I turn them down nicely. There are ways to stop hindrances from distracting you from your goals. I want you to learn from my perspective. There is this certain someone who is willing to wait for me despite how long it will take. I would have to admit that there are mutual feelings built but of course I did not focus on this for now. As of now, we are just getting to know each other at the same time building a friendly relationship. We are not rushing on things because we lay it all to God. We just have an open mind which is a safe thing.

In conclusion, we do not need to rush into falling in love. “Do not awaken love until it so desires” is a verse from a Hebrew Proverb. You have plenty of time and time is by your side. All you need to do now to earnestly wait for your Mr. Right and while doing this you need to ready yourself. Think in a futuristic view. Do this for your other half’s beneficial. Remember that love truly waits. God is writing your love story; maybe, just maybe it is still not finished yet.


~This piece of article was written when I was in my frosh year, during my CommArts Class under Ms. Basaysay. (@2012)


One thought on “Your Other Half: Waiting for Your Mr. Right

  1. This is only my opinion of not only personal experience but also what I’ve witnessed in the lives of others: The idea that God has the Mr. and Mrs. Right waiting doesn’t make any sense; its not quantitatively plausible. What about those who have divorced, do they no longer have a Mr. Right or Mrs. Right for them to love the rest of their lives? What about the mentally handicapped, can it be promised to them that they will find Mr. Right or Mrs. Right?
    “True love waits” delivers more empty promises than it does fulfill a Christ-centered life. Do I agree with the desired outcome? Absolutely, and I believe that most Christians do but the Christian trend is empty which leads to heartache. True love waits is a trend which has become an unnecessary subculture within the Christian culture. True Love Waits is a “reward-based” formula stating that if you live a God-centered life then God will “reward” you with a wife or husband but this is not biblical. I’ve seen people condemn themselves because they are not married despite the fact that they followed the True Love Waits formula to find love. True love waits does nothing more than create room for condemnation rather than strength to trust in the Lord. Its a formula for heartache and condemnation.

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