The Beauty of Admiration: Seeing Admiration through a Teenager’s Hopeful Eyes

The purpose of this article shows the beauty of admiring admiration. Through this article you will see why you should admire certain things; encouraged to think like an adolescent, who’s seeing the world through hopeful eyes.



The Beauty of Admiration: Seeing Admiration through a Teenager’s Hopeful Eyes


“I have always been an admirer. I regard the gift of admiration as indispensable if one is to amount to something; I don’t know where I would be without it.” Francois de La Rochefeucauld, the author of this quotation, has influenced the way I regard admiration. To him, this is a crucial element because of its ability to fuel determination. Admiration stems from the desire to prove something and get more than what one will most likely get, affecting oneself and someone else. For a teenager like me, being inspired and motivated makes life easier.

Admiration, no matter how many times you may surf the Internet to search for its meaning, you will always find terms such as “adoration” and “feelings.” Some say that when you admire, it becomes the reactive form of affection toward someone who possesses qualities that are desirable to you. You can say that admiration can be likened to putting a flower on a vase so that you can see it more often.

This article suggests that admiration fuels determination and that such a condition benefits not only you, but also someone else. You have a set goal, which you have and want to achieve using the strong, but healthy feelings you have for certain individuals. Your admiration for these people pushes you to work harder in order to get them to notice you.

As a teenager with raging hormones, it is really hard to cope with school life if there’s no one to motivate you. Whether you admit it or not, all of us adolescents are driven by our emotions; no one’s exempted because it’s human nature. When we’re obliged to accomplish difficult tasks—and failure’s clearly not an option—we tend to get our drive to succeed from someone whom we admire.

Since admiration is based on feelings, keep in mind that it may not have boundaries. You can’t help but admire someone because of his or her attributes. However, even though some are inclined to think that admiration can also be an option or choice, it still isn’t comparable to love. Put simply, admiration is limitless, but it is still an option or choice.

“When you admire someone what are some of the reasons?” I asked some of my classmates regarding this issue and they mostly said that the cuteness or physical looks usually draws them to someone. Most of them did say that the personality of a person can also cause them to start admiring that certain individual. I asked them a few other questions like “Do you use this admiration to get something? Does it have healthy benefits?” They freaked out after I asked, but later on got back their composure and said that admiration helps them get better grades or achieve other goals. I didn’t ask any more questions after these ones because I already knew what they were trying to tell me. They were honest and I could honestly admit that I too, use admiration to do these things.

Nowadays, teenage girls usually have hundreds of crushes, a fact which is somewhat confusing or mysterious for most boys. When we admire someone, we want that certain someone to notice us; even a glimpse is enough for some girls. In order to accomplish this, though, they use several strategies. First, in order to be noticed in class, you try to get high scores as much as possible so that you will be noticed by the whole class, not only the person you admire. In this case, you were able to hit two birds with one stone! You didn’t only get his attention, but also got good grades, which are pretty amazing for an average teenager.

 I hate to admit it, but we should be true to ourselves in this article. We want to get more than what we’ll most likely get. This isn’t really an opinion because it’s acknowledged as one element of human nature. As we do or try to accomplish certain things and expect results, let us also be open-minded that all of us actually expect more than what the fruits of our labors will most probably be.

If motivation is the key to victory, why not use it in ways that will benefit us? Every action produces results and even though the results may vary—either a good or bad one—when we use the admiration we have for another person or thing to inspire us, we will usually get positive and great results.

Sometimes in our lives, when we’re captivated by someone, we tend to finish our works earlier than we expect. We’re also motivated to prove something to that certain individual; that we have much more to offer than what he sees. This is why some exert more effort or go the extra mile just to be out of the ordinary, trying to become more noticeable to the one whom they have feelings for.

As students or teenagers, we are in the most challenging stage in human life. This phase often involves being confused with ourselves and our surroundings and in order to lessen the stress in our lives, we look for ways to be motivated. Admiration for someone isn’t the only source of a teenager’s motivation, though. There’s also his or her family, which helps guide them toward the right path. I, for one, admire my family so much because of the strong and meaningful relationship I have with them. They give me the strength and inspiration to accomplish things through their unfailing support. Right now, I am currently maintaining my academic scholarship. It’s a difficult undertaking, but my family does many things to keep me motivated, helping me stay focused on my goal.

Another source of an average teenager’s motivation is, of course, his or her friends. “A true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down,” as said by Arnold H. Glasow. We can admire our friends or best friends for their personalities or character. Their kindness and good grades can be some of the reasons why you admire them. There’s nothing wrong in admiring someone from the same sex because it’s just an admiration. It can be a healthy act because it inspires or motivates you to do something. So don’t be ashamed if you admire one of your peers because it’s pretty normal in our world.

The last—but definitely not the least—source of motivation for many teenagers is God. I believe in the Trinity and God gave His son, Jesus Christ to die on the Cross just to save us from our sins. This selfless and beautiful act softly strummed the strings in my heart, which is why I use it to motivate me in very difficult times. I admire the works and wonders of God in this very fragile world. I admire the unconditional love, which He has bestowed upon us. I’m extremely blessed just by knowing this, believing it is already enough to keep me motivated and inspired in this lifetime. You may think I’m overreacting, but unlike other teenagers, who usually admire other people, I choose to admire the One, Who has saved me.

When we admire God, He will keep us motivated and inspired at the same time, helping us get more wonderful results from our hard work. When I’m so down and blue, I just look up with my hopeful eyes and fervently pray for strength and inspiration. God is all-knowing and He knows what’s best for you and me. He will sustain all of us with His love, wisdom, and strength.

Admiration can also benefit another individual. Let me give a scenario: Since our determination is fueled by our admiration for someone, we tend to work harder and end up with great results. If someone witnessed this transformation in us, they will also admire your admiration and, later on, imitate what you are doing. Remember that admiration is contagious and can be passed on to others. The good thing about the contagiousness of admiration is that your healthy disposition and the results you’re getting help motivate those around you to do the same thing.

We can simply relate this to Kurt Lewin’s two ideas of field theory, as discussed in my class “Psychology in Business.” It is called Task Interdependence. “Task Interdependence is a fairly weak form of interdependence in many groups. In other words, if the group’s task is such that members of the group are dependent on each other for achievement, then a powerful dynamic is created.” All the members rely on one other and it will either bring about a positive or negative result. In Positive Interdependence, which is related to admiration’s contagiousness as a healthy condition, your performance affects or influences others. Negative Interdependence is known for the presence of competition in the group. We won’t focus on the negative sides of admiration because if it’s properly handled, it’ll bring about good results.

Admiration benefits each one of us and can impact a lot of people. It is such a beautiful thing that we are allowed to have. Because of admiration, we’re not forced to do something just to get the results we need and want. We’re simply driven or pushed by the positive feelings we have for someone else.

Here’s a poem I was inspired to make:

The sun goes down each day

Day by day we have our own separate ways

Life isn’t simple as you may think

You may see yourself standing beside a brink

In an adolescent’s life it gets tough

Some of our daily scenarios get rough

But not to worry for your grades

Your passed scores will not simply fade

Some say when doing something

There should be determination at the beginning

Because you need an inspiration

And I believe all of us need motivation

No one is an exemption to this

Because the results will be sheer bliss

I for one use my God as my key

Key for my flowing victory

I also use my family and friends too!

So as not to feel quite blue

Not to mention, I also use the one I admire

To reach what I truly aspire

There’s nothing wrong with admiring someone

It will not turn you into a no one

It’s good when you appreciate

It will not make you depreciate

Admiration is a beautiful thing

It has a lot more meaning

So remember when you admire

Use it to get what you really desire

The first part of the poem essentially illustrates the trials an average teenager may face, but from the middle up to the last sections, the significance of admiration in our daily lives and how it’s now put into practice are shown.

Admiration plays a huge role in a teenager’s life because most of us are driven by our emotions. We can’t escape it and as we commence our daily routines, we’re somewhat influenced by the people or things we admire. Our choices and decisions are affected by it too. Admiration for someone is accepted in our society and is quite beneficial for a teenager, who needs something or someone to guide him or her throughout adolescence. I can say it is really beneficial when you admire someone and use it as a source of motivation. It doesn’t have to be a certain guy or girl, who has a notable personality. It can also be your family, friends, God, and even an actor or actress. Remember that admiration is limitless and has no boundaries, so think outside the box.

The beauty of admiring someone is you become motivated. You have something that energizes you by fueling your determination to reach a goal. Unfortunately, some people have limited perspective, which hinders them from seeing and understanding the beauty of admiring someone. I am one of millions of teenagers around the world, who appreciate the opportunity to admire someone or something.  It is a gift given from above to have such understanding about this beautiful condition and have a chance to use it to accomplish some things.

Remember that it’s all about how you see things. It’s how you understand, interpret, and use things. Admiration can either make you or break you; you are only left with a choice.


~~~ My very first article in my college life. (trust me, this is my first article that I have written during my frosh year at FEU). 


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1. Understand pre-, during, post-menstrual instabilities

I’m a mess when I have my period, so please make me feel pretty and loved. I’m also a bit sensitive and emotional (well, actually A LOT), so I’ll be needing all the hugs and kisses you can give. Or whatever, just be there for me!

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Ordinary Song

Just an ordinary song
To a special girl like you
From a simple guy
Who’s so in love with you

Verse 2:
I may not have much to show
No diamonds that glow
No limousines
To take you where you go.

Chorus 1:
But if you ever find yourself
Tired of all the games you play
When the world seems so unfair
You can count on me to stay
Just take some time
To lend an ear
To this ordinary song


Verse 2:
Just an ordinary song
To a special girl like you
From a simple guy
Who’s so in love with you

I don’t even have the looks
To make you glance my way
The clothes I wear
May just seem so absurd

Chorus 2:
But deep inside of me is you
You give life to what I do
All those years may see you through
Still I’ll be waiting here for you
If you have time
Please lend an ear
To this ordinary song


Verse 3:
Just an ordinary song
To a special girl like you
From a simple guy
Who’s so in love with you


~~ My brother suddenly played this song. LSS.


Waiting is Not Wasting

Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.
      ~ Proverbs 4:23

Well this verse really moved me.

I am always an avid fan of Lovestruck and this is what the Lord showed me after realizing the dramatic change I have encountered during my Lovestuck Moments with God.

I believe that this verse is for anyone but I want to emphasize it to the daughters of God.

Above all else, guard your heart ladies! The verse says it all for it is the key to your life, key to your victory. Do not let it get stolen by a mere thief. You are a princess of God! A worthy prince is the only one who can capture your only heart.

Here’s a message from God. (Not Mine, from Anonymous)

“No man will ever claim you unless he claims you from me; for I reserved a man for you who has my heart and loves me even more than he will for you; for I won’t give you up unless he asks you from me.

He is asleep; do not wake him, he is busy for me, my kingdom. Soon you will know him, for I have the perfect time.

You are my princess, my daughter. Let no prince claim you unless he asks you from my hand; for I am your Father, the King of kings. You, m princess, are worth loving for.”

This simple yet life-changing statement really moved me in the depths of my heart. To tell you the truth, I do not have any special love story (bf-gf) to share. I was flagged as a NBSB or No-Boyfriend-Since-Birth. In our church, I was the only one left to have not been in any bf-gf relationships and sometimes I feel left out. Sometimes I longed for that someone. Someone to hold my hand, someone to lean on, someone… someone. Many people also told me that I am not allowed to be engaged in a relationship not because I was too young or I am still studying but because I was diagnosed to have a heart ailment that sometimes keeps me from doing things that I love. Sometimes, I wanted to wake him up from his sleep and come to my life now for I feel so lonely.

I was so blind back then.  I was so naïve. I was so drawn to my weakness that I did not realize that there is someone up there who can hold my hand and do amazing things for me. God told me to give my loneliness to him. I have realized that I have a special love story, He died for me yet He still lived for me. He simply showed me that I am not only worth dying for but I am also worth living for.  I thanked Him for reminding me my first love, my one true love.

Right now, I am still that “True-Love-Waits-Girl” that everybody knows. Sometimes, I may feel lonely but most of all I can only see happiness in the depths of my frail heart. I believe that someday, I’ll get to meet him. People even joked around me that I might not see him due to my very high standards. It is not what you think it is. I know and I believe that my standards are reasonable. I want him to love God more than me. (meaning: he’ll choose God before me, very active in ministry etc.)

Although sometimes I feel that I might not see him because of the whole ‘rupture thing’ but there is this underlying hope within me that simply says: True Love Waits. I have realized that waiting is not wasting when we are waiting on the Lord. Maybe, just maybe… someday I will get to see him, in God’s perfect and beautiful time. Let God write your love story… Do not take the pen away from God.

**My 1st entry that I sent to Lovestruck. Image

~Jan 8, 2013 (12:15am)

The Orange Flower And My Lucid Dream

I can clearly remember my dream but I do not fully understand it.
If I am going to write the whole dream, it would take me a lifetime just to finish writing that dream. (Believe me)
All I can say is that I am walking in an aisle as white as snow, my heart skipping a beat as I step. Everything was a blur but it seems like everything was calm. Everyone is smiling, while having tears in their very eyes. This scenario raised so many questions in my weary mind. Then an idea struck me.
This is a wedding.
I am the bride.
Oh, did I forget to mention…
It was an arranged marriage.
As I reached the end of the terribly long aisle, I am still unable to see my groom because of my white veil. He handed me orange flowers (the flower above is the closest thing I can find).Image 

It was strange because my groom handed me my bouquet which is I am supposed to be holding while walking the aisle. Anyways, he offered his hand so he can help me at the stairs. Everyone was silent, patiently waiting for me to hold on to his hand. By the time I held his hand.

That’s when I finally knew.
I recognized him.
I know him.
He’s the person that I loved.
It’s so strange because by the time I saw him. I saw his warm smile, his teary eyes, every bit of his perfect features.
But still I find it strange again for me because I know that this is a dream but what is this foreign feeling inside me? I could not simply put it into words.
My cheeks began to get wet as fresh tears began to immerse in my eyes. Tears? (Yep, tears)
I could not fathom what I am feeling. Are these tears of joy?
Finally, after the ceremony, everything I see is simple bliss. My parents are smiling at me, my brothers and sister playfully teasing us and calling names. Close friends began hugging us, Everyone’s happy, He’s also happy, I can tell… because of his contagious smile.
That’s when I realized…
I am also happy
I still love him.
*Then I woke up.

This dream has been bothering me since then. I dunno why, but I know it has a meaning, I believe that it has one. All of my dreams have a meaning but I could not find one for this dream. I recognize the guy, in fact I know him. I just wanted to know why I had that dream.

~December 31, 2013