Entry #14

As I stare at the moonless sky
I could not help but release a sigh
I do not know what will I do
Did I act carelessly or without a clue?

As the stars continue to twinkle down at me
Not knowing that sadness is what they see
Will my sadness be atoned or put in vain?
Couldn’t withstand this developing pain

Darkness trying to dominate my weary heart
Rising questions that are tearing me apart
Will I be able to voice out that I am okay?
Or will I continue to be filled with dismay?

One thing is for certain, one thing is for sure,
Faith and prayer are my only cure
To an illness that got me from this disheveled state
All I have to do is earnestly wait.

#HVM ~ 1:58am, April 4, 2013
lol. can’t believe I wrote this -.-
Anyways, rest assured. I’m okaay, happy and blessed. 🙂


It’s When I let The Words Flood In

Days have passed and nothing seems wrong,
But what is this feeling? This mystique feeling?
It’s as if my heart yearns at something for so long,
Is this reality or am I just dreaming?

I am well-aware that this feeling is above normal,
Is this planned or is this fated?
I slowly directed my attention to the person I waited,
Why are these feelings of mine so crucial?

Fresh tears began to immerse,
As I slowly walked towards him
I feel like my heart is about to burst
He is slowly singing my broken hymn.

I could not understand…
What are his intentions?
What are his reasons?
These things I cannot merely withstand.

Why do men tend to complicate things?
Why are they being so impossible?
Can they not accept we are just human beings?
Bearing a heart that is not so flexible.

Maybe someday I would be able to understand
Hoping that, that someday is now,
Traumatized to believe in any vow,
I hope they will be able to understand where I stand.

It wasn’t easy to be in this situation,
What more, for those who have a weak heart,
Rising turmoil and hazy confusion
Oh, this place is tearing me apart.

Now, I just have to earnestly hope,
And live my life and cherish every moment,
Forget those whose intention is to torment,
And must forcibly learn how to cope.

Right now, all I need to do is pray,
because this will save me from a lot of worthless pain.
And believe that everything will be okay
And have faith that my love will not be put in vain.

#HVM 1:40am April 19, 2013
haha my “sabaw” moments. This is the consequence of forgetting our first love. Which is you Jesus. :”>