Open Book

Often times, I feel like I am an open book. A plain simple book with such conspicuous lines, pronounced title and cliche ending. A book that has intricate lines with banality. A book that is believed to be of influence to others may it be positive or negative. It simply lies between depending on how the readers will perceive the whole book, though I strongly believe that my aim is positive reinforcement that will contribute to the betterment of one’s personality.

I am an open book that would have live its life to the fullest but then again will be easily forgotten. A book that is judged by certain expectations and misused by various misconceptions. I would not say that I am only a book that merely contains words, phrases or sentences but I am an open book that consist of inspiration, life and motivation. Yes, I am an open book, that even a mere amateur can simply predict my next move. Each wave and each twist inside this book is a give-away for the majority. But here is a twist, due to my openness often leads to mystery. Due to the reason that I am an open book, often times people perceive that sometimes I am a closed book that is waiting to be opened and read. I would like to call this as a simple illusion or perception that some people failed to see in me. There is a loophole in the whole concept that I am an open book. They do not know that in my openness, there is also closeness. That in evident matters, let us not forget the unknown.

Confusion rose from here to there, what am I really? A surreptitious being that is waiting to be unlatch? Or a prominent individual that is ready to be sealed? One thing is for certain and one thing is for sure, both parts are inevitable. The clock ticked, the wind chimed and finally my fate has been sealed. What kind of book am I?



~Another piece that I have written. I do not have a single clue on what drove me to write this piece today, but anyways here I am now. Pardon me for any grammatical errors or whatever. I just want to grab this opportunity when my mood is at its peak and just simply let the words flood in.
#HVSM 11:54pm June 13, 2014 (Friday)