The Anticipation

He waited for this day to come. In fact, at this very moment, the giddiness from his excitement is affecting him. He waited for this day to come for years, but when he was only minutes away from laying his eyes on his fiancee for the very last time, the moment felt to be the longest.

Thud, thud, thud, his heart beats erratically. He thinks that he might collapse any minute from now, mainly because he cannot hold his excitement much longer. Fresh tears immerse from his longing eyes as the door opened to welcome his jolly bride.

He waited in anticipation. He was calm yet at the same time restless. He could not wait to spend eternity with the one he loves so dearly.

The door finally opened and as he sets his eyes on his blushing bride, that is when she took his breath away.
~ H

black-and-white-wedding-photos-nyc The-Black-Tie-Bride-Jennifer-Hejna-Romantic-Germany-Wedding-020

January 15,2015

Suddenly in a mood to write short documentaries and notes.
I might do this quite often because, I dunno… maybe I finally got to know where my inspiration comes from. #blessed