I’ve Been Robbed – Her Point of View

I remember that time when I was walking on my way home from school when suddenly my phone rang, I decided to ignore it since I am in a highway but later on realized it was my brother. I pushed the talk button and put my phone on my ear when suddenly it was taken away from me.

“You! Give my back freakin’ phone!” I said with quite a shock, he quickly ran away from me and made a sharp turn at the nearest corner. Conflicting thoughts began to engulf me…

Files, reports, passwords, contacts, pictures.. PICTURES! My precious pictures! I decided to go after him. It was night time, since all the lamp post’s lights were on. I finally caught up with him. My mind was already set since that phone is much more precious than my life right now. My future lies in my phone right now.  I never realized that this small simple act will change my life forever.

“Hey you! I’ll give you P1000 in exchange for my phone, that’s all I have so don’t ask for a raise, I even have to find a way to go home. I promise I won’t file a report about this” I’m getting desperate by the minute then I was engulfed by his mesmerizing eyes. Is it just me or is this guy a local model? Is he mute? Because He can speak anytime now, gosh he’s making me nervous and queasy.

“A thousand for this iPhone 5s? I don’t think so haha how will you go home missy?” He still managed to joke while we are in this situation? He must be kidding me.

“That’s for me to think about and you to find out now my phone please because at this moment it is a life and death experience for me” I don’t know why I can still maintain my mind being sane at this moment. There’s this look from him that I could not fathom, is it because of pity or the desperateness from my voice? Then I realized that my whole body is shaking as if convulsing and fresh tears immersed from my weary eyes. I handed my P1000 bill to him which he easily took. He opened my phone, typed something then handed it to me and simply walked away. Is that it? No knife stabs, nothing, just his name and his cellphone number. Weird… but then..

I was really glad for that encounter not because I was robbed but mainly because I was the robber back then. I can’t believe I actually robbed my husband’s heart. Even though I was robbed on our bittersweet encounter but later on I realized, I was really the robber back then.

Dearest Husband, happy 35th Anniversary!

– Random thoughts, random feelings, random emotions.
February 2, 2015 (Monday)

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