That Smile


I know I should have posted this ages ago but I think what drove me to post this now is because of the things that have been happening around me. Life is tough, I know we all have our fair share of the injustices and unfairness of life. We are the sole witnesses of such cruel things. But let us not forget that behind those things, something good is in it. Yes, I am always been tagged as someone who have blind optimism, that my innocent and optimistic mind could not bear the harsh reality of what the world has to offer.

I am writing this to let all of you know that I can bear such things, I’ve been through much and only God knows what I have been up to but let us stir away from that topic and focus on something worthy of your time. These past few months, I was able to witness the most beautiful thing this world has to offer. I know that you might be wondering what it is but my title already gave it away. I was able to witness the most genuine smile and it really warms my heart to have witnessed such wonderful thing. Poorest among the poor gave their last meal to someone who is poor, a guy who is rushing to go to work still found some time to help the elderly, a random passerby helping a jeepney driver back up from the driveway, an average lady helping you open the door… and many more. They did not ask for a return, no conversations were exchanged, but one thing stood out… and that’s their warm smile.

I never thought that I would actually be writing this at this moment since heavy trials are currently dominating my life right now, but through these random acts of kindness, I’ve realized something. Your perspective and reaction changes everything.

Several revelations have bombarded my weary mind and it somehow changed me for the better. I am beyond grateful to have witnessed such pure thing. I never thought that such smiles have this huge influence on me. The ability to help others, the ability to love, the ability to bring a healthy smile in one’s face… ugh I need to stop talking about this and encourage you to look for that smile. 🙂

Look for that smile, the smile that will not only warm your hearts but your souls also. Don’t you want to know that certain feeling of seeing such a genuine smile? Because I wanted to get to witness one again. Let me know if you’re planning to search for one, this time… I’ll be readying my camera. lol
To end this, there’s one thing that was instilled not only in my mind but also in my heart since I finally realized that the world was not such a bad place after all.

11:08pm ~ July 17, 2015 (Friday)
Disclaimer to Grammar Nazis: I didn’t edit this. Sorry haha