Late night thoughts

Late night thoughts consume her incessantly… this was when people started to slip into a heavy slumber and the lights started to dim and all that she feels is the calmness of the night, all that she hears is the lonely clatter of the grandfather clock. 

This time she would feel her composure slip away, her heart would constantly palpitate and her whole being drowned to uneasiness. 

At this moment, she would try to cram her mind with thoughts – psychology, art, love, poems, organizations, statistics, and endless term papers but the disquiet still stayed with her.

Yet a sweet and warm embraced engulfed her and crashed every bit of negativity that tried to take refuge… she realized that hope was still there, that You were still there.  She failed to see that You were the love that rescued her. That You are her first love.  
Lord, I will be forever thankful for Your never-ending guidance and grace. ♥

~H (August 5, 2016; 8:58pm) ONE YEAR ASDFGHJKL! 


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