You noticed the small details in me.

How you would compliment me when my forehead is crunched due to frustration…
How my eyes would lit up when the food is served.
You emphasized how cute small wrinkles showed up in my weary face while concentrating in my acads… and wishing that I would stay that way in the wavelength of your definition of perfection.
However… these are just the things that romanticizes the whole situation… failing to take notice of my whole being…

You failed to fall in love with my flaws… with my mistakes, with my past.
You never understood me… for in your line of sight there was the perfect me… in your line of thought there was the beautiful me…
Little did you know that I am a beautifully-flawed individual… these blemishes made up my soul, my heart, and my whole being…
I appreciate your perception… on how blind optimism slowly laced your being… however can’t you realize that you are being plagued with lies and deception?
Stop holding on to a fake imagery of mine… and please let me go. Because I don’t want you to get hurt in the process… while the damage is still not plenty, while the symptoms are still at its early onset.
Go back to the safe place where you belong.
3:39am March 20, 2018


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