I stopped writing about you

I stopped writing about you,
How perfectly-flawed you are to me,
How distinct figures and characteristics engulf me
Like a huge wave from the ocean and sea.
I stopped writing about you,
How little things you do matter to me,
I know these petty things are nothing to you,
But they are tremendous and heavy things to me.
I stopped writing about you,
How your smile captures me,
How it turned my heart into chaos,
How it turned my mind into deep frenzy.
I stopped writing about you,
How deeply passionate you are as a person,
How you selflessly do things not only for me,
But for the whole country.
I stopped writing about you,
How your flowery words simply dominates me,
How those jumbled up letters and phrases
Can send my heart to the galaxy.
But can’t you see this irony?
That no matter how many times I try to stop writing about you, it still leads me back to here. That no matter how many times I convince myself that no good will come out from this, I still managed to grab the pen and pour my heart out. 
They told me to stop writing about you, they told me to repress all of these emotions that kept crashing down on me. For through this action, I would be able to save myself from drowning, from burning… from falling.

However, all my efforts went to the trash bin. All the intentions of trying to exclude you from my thoughts yet here you are, the content of my emotions, the content of my dreams, the content of my whole being. Lo and behold, you just managed to be my nth entry again.

 ~ H (Aug. 6, 2017; 11:23am)



As I Glance in the Mirror

As I Glance in the Mirror

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.
       By Confucius

            As I glance in my mirror, out of the sudden I realized the world’s perspective pertaining beauty has shifted into a hundred and eighty degrees turn. They label the outward appearance as the most essential thing in life and condemn those who do not have one. Everyone is a creation of God and everyone should be given a right to know that he or she is beautiful. Confucius’ point of view regarding beauty focuses on the brighter side and ignores the darker side. The majority of people nowadays often tend to look for the mistakes and defects of others. More and more people are blinded by this way of thinking that several people suffer from this. Only few people stop and admire the beauty of God’s creation but some people end up complaining.

            For those who do not have the looks and people condemn you for it, do not be deeply saddened. Instead have hope. Keep in mind that God is not finished with you yet. He is not done with the final touches in your life and as you wait for this rely on hope; because hope fuels the eagerness and patience of waiting. Also, remember that God sees you as the most beautiful and handsome being in this planet.

            Just like what God said in 1 Samuel 16:7 “Man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart”. We should be like God. I am not saying we should be a god also but I am simply saying that we should mimic God’s character. Beauty does not always have to be more on physical; it should also be more on mental, emotional and most importantly spiritual. We should just change our own perspective on how we see things.


~Part 2 of my Philosophy Brochure. (Final Exam) under Ms. Floran D. Tan
My least favorite part of my brochure. I had trouble finding a connection to this topic so it took me a while to finish this second piece. I hope itzzz okaaay;)1
March 4, 2013 (3:22pm)