He asked…

“Where do you want to go?” He questioned me while I am trying to balance the bottle I am holding using one hand. 

After a failed attempt of balancing it, he grabbed the bottle and faced me. He looked at me with eyes that is so taunting yet at the same time very alluring. 

“Somewhere quiet” I whispered. I tried to get the bottle back so that I can distract myself again, so that I can get my mind occuppied. But he instead held my hand and continued to stare at me with eyes that I couldn’t understand. I cannot define the emotion behind it nor distinguish the mysterious light in his eyes. I sighed and doubted on whether to pour the contents of my mind and heart on him. 

“I want somewhere peaceful, somewhere I can have my own space without anyone hovering over it. A place where I can hear my thoughts as clear as canvas, a place where I won’t lose my sanity.” I said then looked at the bright evening sky, enveloped with a million stars. 

“Don’t we all?” I heard him say and managed to let out a genuine smile. The kind of smile that will be painted in your minds forever. 

“Yeah” I nodded in agreement. I took a deep breathe and as I exhale, I also tried to let go all the burdens, anxieties, and regrets. I finally came to a realization that this is a safe haven, that I can fully trust him. The warmth of his hand is enough to address the coldness within me. 
This time, I know he’s not going anywhere.

Then I woke up.

My dreams are getting weirder. How can a dream feel so real? 

~ H (July 18, 2017; 11:35pm) 



The Anticipation

He waited for this day to come. In fact, at this very moment, the giddiness from his excitement is affecting him. He waited for this day to come for years, but when he was only minutes away from laying his eyes on his fiancee for the very last time, the moment felt to be the longest.

Thud, thud, thud, his heart beats erratically. He thinks that he might collapse any minute from now, mainly because he cannot hold his excitement much longer. Fresh tears immerse from his longing eyes as the door opened to welcome his jolly bride.

He waited in anticipation. He was calm yet at the same time restless. He could not wait to spend eternity with the one he loves so dearly.

The door finally opened and as he sets his eyes on his blushing bride, that is when she took his breath away.
~ H

black-and-white-wedding-photos-nyc The-Black-Tie-Bride-Jennifer-Hejna-Romantic-Germany-Wedding-020

January 15,2015

Suddenly in a mood to write short documentaries and notes.
I might do this quite often because, I dunno… maybe I finally got to know where my inspiration comes from. #blessed

Entry #14

As I stare at the moonless sky
I could not help but release a sigh
I do not know what will I do
Did I act carelessly or without a clue?

As the stars continue to twinkle down at me
Not knowing that sadness is what they see
Will my sadness be atoned or put in vain?
Couldn’t withstand this developing pain

Darkness trying to dominate my weary heart
Rising questions that are tearing me apart
Will I be able to voice out that I am okay?
Or will I continue to be filled with dismay?

One thing is for certain, one thing is for sure,
Faith and prayer are my only cure
To an illness that got me from this disheveled state
All I have to do is earnestly wait.

#HVM ~ 1:58am, April 4, 2013
lol. can’t believe I wrote this -.-
Anyways, rest assured. I’m okaay, happy and blessed. 🙂

How to Be a Successful Student


The purpose of this article shows the process of how to be a successful student. Through this article you will three significant measures on how to maintain high grades and ace your tests. 


            Some people nowadays have difficulty handling up with examinations, school works and other school-related activities. They may brawl their first semester in college or their first semester in High School and many more. Every student should image how he studies the best; many people can study potently at dawn with the music playing at their background but some people cannot. However, some people have a harder time adjusting to college than other people and may feel that success is far reachable. Moreover, students can be successful in many ways. Motivation, hard work, and time management are the three significant measures in becoming a successful student.

            For a student to become successful, he must have enough motivation. In order to have motivation, first he must have a goal. According to Capt. Padilla from his book entitled ‘Simple’, “Goal is defined as an observable value and measurable end result having one or more objectives to be achieved within a more or less fixed time frame.” Students should set up goals because this fuels motivation and determination. Goals are an excellent tool for creating a successful and better life. A goal also fuels the eagerness and dedication of students towards studying. It is very clear in this article that the goal that is being voiced out is a successful student. Another simple action to boost up motivation is to post motivational quotes at a student’s study room. In this way the student will be reminded and be filled with hope. At the same time, a student may also seek advice from his professors, teachers, mentors and classmates. By doing this, it may end with a strong and uplifted mind that is filled with enough determination towards studying and learning new things.

            One does not only need motivation to be a successful student, another measure is to be hard-working. Students need to sow and sow so that someday they may reap what they worked hard for. In order to obtain that goal; first, a student should pass all the necessary requirements needed. This includes assignments, projects quizzes and other requirements. These are keys essential for passing the semester with high colors. Keep this in mind that professors and teachers do not make the grades of their students but the students simply make their own grades. Students’ grades are based on their performance. If the students want to be successful they must pass through pain and suffering. Like what most people keep on saying, “No pain, no gain”.  No undertaking is difficult if pursued with perseverance. Another is for students to strive harder and harder to get high grades.  If the student should study for almost three hours just to get a concept right then he must do so. With this, the student may receive high grades and thus pave his way to success. Always remember that with hard work students can achieve greater things.

            The last but not the least; a student can only be fruitful if they know how to manage their time. Students nowadays are drowned from hang-outs, Facebook, computer games and other distractions that simply eat their time for studying. Students should learn the art of managing time. They must ensure a deadline to accomplish task. Time management is relatively stimulating for several students, but if they are determined, they can shape their time to suit their necessities. A student should at least have an organized list of all duties and assignments so as to manage time because they may tend to maximize their time and perform many tasks in as little time as possible. Also, students should always be prepared with interruptions with their schedule. Lastly, when reviewing do not procrastinate! Cramming is not beneficial for producing long term memory. In the end, the students will have improved study habits and in no time, improved grades.

            In order to be successful, it does not always comprise complicated processes. It just only involves motivation, hard work and time management. There are so many measures on how to be a successful student, people should just look at the right sources. People simply do not become successful instantaneously. They cannot acquire these processes immediately. It takes time, practice and hard work. Just like what Robert Collier said, “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” Keep in mind that a person should take the first step in order to move and reach the top of the staircase. People should not be overwhelmed with how long and how far their dreams are. They just need three things beside the guidance of God; there are: motivation, hard work, and time management.


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Padilla Jr. A. (2011) Arsenio C. Padilla Jr. Enterprises: Simple



~ Written in my Communication Arts Class under Ms. Basaysay

The Aftermath: The Social Dilemma’s Reasons and Outcomes

The purpose of this article is to bring awareness to the people of society. Through this article you will see the casualties the divorce brings and why is it inevitable in our daily lives.


The Aftermath: The Social Dilemma’s Reasons and Outcomes

“We have a schizophrenic culture about marriage in this country,” says Johns Hopkins, professor Andrew Cherlin, who wrote the book, “The Marriage-Go-Around,” which explores the American habit of marriage “Churning” – people divorcing and marrying quickly. “We value marriage, but we also value thinking about ourselves – what makes us happy, what makes us most fulfilled. We think if we are not happy we have the right to end our relationships. And when we see the clash, we are surprised by it.” This anecdote is all about marriage turning 180 degrees turn. What could be the reason why couples’ break up is trending nowadays? How much damage will it make? One wrong move and one wrong turn then lives are shattered into minute quantities. Divorce is no joke. It is a serious matter wherein lives are involved here and in every decision and choice made it will have a gradual change in one’s family. Divorce is a social dilemma which is caused by feminism, approval of law and family factors. In this article, you will have an overview on what are the roots and consequences of divorce.

“If there iss one thing feminists love, it is divorce – they consider it liberating.” That’s just one of the claims Phyllis Schlafly and her co-author Suzanne Venker make in their new book, ‘The Flipside of Feminism: What Conservative Women Know – And Men Can’t Say.’ Feminism is one of the chief causes of divorce. Women changing roles nowadays has a drastic effect in our society. Recently women does not stay home and do the chores but instead have their own job and careers. Back then, women stay home and do the household chores and serve their own family but now you can see that women have been engrossed with their job that they do not have time with their family. This same scenario occurs also with men so what is left now with their children? “When women went to work in the 1970s, whether from necessity or choice, they began to feel entitled to ask their husband to do more at home, and when their husbands resisted they felt entitled to press the issue, instead of “gracefully giving in,” as the advice books of the 1950s had advised wives (but not husbands) to do in case of disagreement. So I think that feminism initially led to more outright conflict in marriages because women felt less pressure to simply put up with bad behavior or an unfair division of labor.” This is according to Stephanie Coontz, the president of the Council of Contemporary Families and a respected Family Studies professor. There is a radical variation when women suddenly changed roles and the possible outcome may be less time in their family. With this proposition it is clearly obvious that women have become independent with their husbands and dependent in money because they are able to earn income for themselves. It is a general rule that the obligation of a father is to provide the needs and necessities of his family but it so happens that women is also filling the duty of their husbands. The independence of women may lead to divorce because women have the courage to leave their husbands. Women tend to leave their husbands in the slightest form of action that will provoke them.

Another chief cause of divorce is the approval of law. There are only two countries who do not have a divorce bill and they are Philippines and Vatican City. Malta’s divorce bill has already been approved at the early October of 2011 when their president has signed it. So that leaves Philippines and Vatican City the only two countries who do not have a divorce bill.  Approving a divorce bill has its severe weight in the society because it allows the couples to break up and not settle their differences with each other. If there is no divorce law then there will be fewer couples who will break up; because if there is a divorce law like we have right now then couples would have a tendency that they will break up since there is an existing law that could break them apart. Women and men tend to use this divorce bill as assurance or remedy for their relationships. If they cannot settle their differences then the law speaks for them. Couples will not make an effort to work out their marriage.

In the Philippines and Vatican City, they already have a Legal Separation Law. The problem with legal separation is this – the couple may separate, physically and their properties divided accordingly, but this law does not allow them to remarry. The Divorce Bill is final and absolute and cuts the marriage as finished. The divorced couple can remarry without legal impediments.

Lastly, another reason why divorce is dominating in our lives is because of family factors. In this biased world, everyone is not blessed with wealth. The majority of families in our world are suffering poverty and that is why both parents are forced to work harder just to earn a living and lift themselves up from this distressing hardship. This may result less time with their family and less time with their spouse. Husbands and wives need to communicate but in this situation, it is not possible to have time especially when they are both too engrossed with their jobs and clouded with determination to earn money. The possible outcome of this is misunderstanding and eventually may lead to separation then divorce. An example of this is one most likely apply a job abroad just to sustain their needs, leaving their family. The spouse may get lonely and may look for another lover just to fill out the emptiness they feel.

Divorce is not just a matter taken lightly. You have read in this article the severe reasons of divorce. But what are its outcomes? It does not only involve the couples but their children are already affected. Children who have divorced parents are forced to experience the pain and separation from their parents. Family is the basic unit of society and its significance is so great that the relationship inside a family should be harmonious. Couples do not have to break up and live their lives separately; they can always settle their own differences and willingly understand each other so no one will suffer their decision. No one has to suffer; no one has to pay the price just because of one fatal mistake. The causes of divorce are lamentable and we should try to consider them, for having a good relationship and avoid falling in the marriage.









~Not my kind of topic. Divorce?! -.- Where will I get my inspiration to write this? Hahaha, “Forced to write this piece again”.