Today’s prompt for writing is all about death. Can’t my situation get more ironic? So I’ve decided to join the writing prompts which wordpress authors have offered in order to exercise my writing skills. 

Last night, just before I go to sleep I heard a preaching about this word. And because all saint’s day and all soul’s day just passed… all topics are highly relatable to the word which I would be discussing today.

I don’t know why I was meant to be given such powerful word to describe.. because to be honest, such word brought so much tremor in my veins that kept me in constant motion. Its vitality is highly comparable with life too. When one dies, another lives… two extreme opposites… 

Death has the power to crumble all the built up dreams, it has the power to trample even the softest and purest hearts, it has the power to let you feel everything and nothing all at once… it encourages a very strong emotion that any human being wont dare wander…

I’ve always known that death is inevitable… that no one is an exemption to this natural cause.. No one has the VIP treatment when death came knocking at one’s door. No one is pardoned… if your time is up, your time is up. 

Death has no time. Death disregards the flow of the beginning and ending… It doesn’t mind if you are at the peak of your youthful age or have reached the end of times… It doesn’t mind if you are as young as the soul born in this peril world or as old as time. If your time is up, your time is up. 

That’s why… death should also bring forth limitless love from people… Instilled fear should cease to exist in one’s mind, heart, soul, and being. Love should exceed beyond any extreme lengths which death has offered.

Love people when they are still breathing… love them as if its your last day on earth. Because once the living became a minion of death… all life processes will cease to exist. The dead won’t feel the emotions you would invest in their graves… the dead won’t be there to appreciate all the limitless efforts which you poured your heart into… no matter how many flowers you offer or how big your lighted candle would be… these are all useless to the dead. 

So that’s why… death is there to constantly remind you… to embrace the people you love… embrace their flaws and imperfections… because you never know when will be their last breath..

or when will you breathe your last breath.

~ H (November 4, 2017; 9:13am)

p.s. Let’s live as if we’re dying. Let’s cherish the moments… because such moments are more than enough to last me a lifetime. 


Late night thoughts

Late night thoughts consume her incessantly… this was when people started to slip into a heavy slumber and the lights started to dim and all that she feels is the calmness of the night, all that she hears is the lonely clatter of the grandfather clock. 

This time she would feel her composure slip away, her heart would constantly palpitate and her whole being drowned to uneasiness. 

At this moment, she would try to cram her mind with thoughts – psychology, art, love, poems, organizations, statistics, and endless term papers but the disquiet still stayed with her.

Yet a sweet and warm embraced engulfed her and crashed every bit of negativity that tried to take refuge… she realized that hope was still there, that You were still there.  She failed to see that You were the love that rescued her. That You are her first love.  
Lord, I will be forever thankful for Your never-ending guidance and grace. ♥

~H (August 5, 2016; 8:58pm) ONE YEAR ASDFGHJKL! 

I stopped writing about you

I stopped writing about you,
How perfectly-flawed you are to me,
How distinct figures and characteristics engulf me
Like a huge wave from the ocean and sea.
I stopped writing about you,
How little things you do matter to me,
I know these petty things are nothing to you,
But they are tremendous and heavy things to me.
I stopped writing about you,
How your smile captures me,
How it turned my heart into chaos,
How it turned my mind into deep frenzy.
I stopped writing about you,
How deeply passionate you are as a person,
How you selflessly do things not only for me,
But for the whole country.
I stopped writing about you,
How your flowery words simply dominates me,
How those jumbled up letters and phrases
Can send my heart to the galaxy.
But can’t you see this irony?
That no matter how many times I try to stop writing about you, it still leads me back to here. That no matter how many times I convince myself that no good will come out from this, I still managed to grab the pen and pour my heart out. 
They told me to stop writing about you, they told me to repress all of these emotions that kept crashing down on me. For through this action, I would be able to save myself from drowning, from burning… from falling.

However, all my efforts went to the trash bin. All the intentions of trying to exclude you from my thoughts yet here you are, the content of my emotions, the content of my dreams, the content of my whole being. Lo and behold, you just managed to be my nth entry again.

 ~ H (Aug. 6, 2017; 11:23am)


Before I sleep my dearest… 

And before I sleep my dearest,

sing no melancholic lullabies for me,

for my heart is frail and my mind is weak. I am easily swayed by emotions and easily cry to little things. I already know where this is all going, where we are all going. It’s a destination I am not looking forward to so please… take it easy, try to break down into pieces the harsh truth that I am about to face.

Before I sleep my dearest, 

tell no lonely goodbyes for me..

for I still yearn for you, I still cling to you like lice that how many times I tried putting my mind off from you, you still dominate my heart, my whole being. I am well aware that I am not only standing by the edge of the knife or clinging to you like I am at the brink of despair… I am treading into thin ice and I know that one wrong move, one wrong step then everything is history.

Before I sleep my dearest,

say no lies and false hopes and promises. I am the girl who easily believes in everything; the one who easily expects, and the one who gets hurt quite easily. Feed me with the truth even though the result can shatter my heart, and my soul. Punch me with the harsh reality that your heart is already set for someone else. 

Before I sleep my dearest,

Grab the opportunity to hold me while I am still conscious, while I am still awake… talk to me, speak to me, tell me the contents of your heart. I don’t care if it’s about her or someone you know, I don’t care if it will shred my heart into pieces, I don’t care if it will put my mind into a chaotic state and dilemma, I don’t care if it will shatter my whole being.. All I am asking is I want to hear from you. So that I could put an end to this, to end this miserable journey and to move on. 
Before I peacefully sleep my dearest..

sing no melancholic lullabies for me, tell no lonely goodbyes for me, say no lies, and false hopes and promises… I want to hear from you… I’ve missed you. 

~ H (July 16, 2017; 12:22am)

p.s. I have incoherent thoughts because I am sleepy at the same time highly emotional. I hope this article is okay. 

A nameless piece…

It’s already half-passed nine in the evening and here I am drowned with thoughts about you… I am scared, I am frightened and such heavy rain does not help with the raging emotions I constantly faced. Even though I am under these heavy covers to give me warmth, why do I still feel cold? Even though my sister is with me, why do I still feel alone? 
This rain is not doing any good for thunders and lightnings aren’t my healthy companion. The sound of pouring rain against the roof is the scariest thing that I have to go through right now. Cold sweats began to emerge in my forehead. Where are you? Where were you when I needed you most? I needed your warmth, I needed your embrace… I needed your soothing words to calm all the anxieties within me. I needed you.. 
When exhaustion finally consumes my inner fears that I am struggling, that’s when I realized that in your world I am non-existent. In your world I am nothing…
So that’s why let me just rant all these feels here. Anyways, you’ll never even know that it is you that I am talking about. You’ll never even know that I have fallen in love with you, you’ll never even know that all these articles are for you. I don’t even know if you’re reading this… I am just hoping and praying that such feels will pass by like a blur, for it hurts too much. Part of me is wishing to have an amnesia so I could forget about you but a part of me is still holding on.. still hoping that maybe time will come that you would look sideways.. That time will come that you’ll eventually gaze at me and realize that I am the one. 
[charot HAHA~ H (June 25, 2017, 9:47pm)] p.s. I didn’t have any idea on what would be a great title for this heart-wrenching piece.. so just went with ‘a nameless piece’. 

It’s When I let The Words Flood In

Days have passed and nothing seems wrong,
But what is this feeling? This mystique feeling?
It’s as if my heart yearns at something for so long,
Is this reality or am I just dreaming?

I am well-aware that this feeling is above normal,
Is this planned or is this fated?
I slowly directed my attention to the person I waited,
Why are these feelings of mine so crucial?

Fresh tears began to immerse,
As I slowly walked towards him
I feel like my heart is about to burst
He is slowly singing my broken hymn.

I could not understand…
What are his intentions?
What are his reasons?
These things I cannot merely withstand.

Why do men tend to complicate things?
Why are they being so impossible?
Can they not accept we are just human beings?
Bearing a heart that is not so flexible.

Maybe someday I would be able to understand
Hoping that, that someday is now,
Traumatized to believe in any vow,
I hope they will be able to understand where I stand.

It wasn’t easy to be in this situation,
What more, for those who have a weak heart,
Rising turmoil and hazy confusion
Oh, this place is tearing me apart.

Now, I just have to earnestly hope,
And live my life and cherish every moment,
Forget those whose intention is to torment,
And must forcibly learn how to cope.

Right now, all I need to do is pray,
because this will save me from a lot of worthless pain.
And believe that everything will be okay
And have faith that my love will not be put in vain.

#HVM 1:40am April 19, 2013
haha my “sabaw” moments. This is the consequence of forgetting our first love. Which is you Jesus. :”>

More Than Words

 More Than Words

The purpose of this article shows the characterization of writing. Through this article you will have a new perspective when it comes to writing. Does it only involve words or is it more than that?


Writing is a set of visible or tactile signs used to represent units of a language in a systematic way, with the purpose of recording messages which can be retrieved by everyone who knows the language in question and the rules by virtue of which its units are encoded in the writing system. Based on an average dictionary, it is stated that it is the act of one who writes which consist of meaningful letters or characters that constitute readable matter. These definitions may seem so intriguing but the real characterization of writing is more than that. What does writing really mean? Does it only involve a pen or a paper and a flat surface? Or does it need a heart for the matter? Writing is beyond mere words, phrases, and letters; it is also a form of therapy, a beautiful art, and a wonderful skill.

“Writing is a form of therapy; sometimes I wonder how all those who do not write, compose, or paint can manage the madness, melancholia, the panic and fear which is inherent in a human situation.” Graham Greene, the author of this accurate quote felt that writing is a therapy. To him, writing is somehow a quiet corner which provides him an easy escape. It simply lets out the trauma and emotions he feel deep inside him and simply let the words flood at the paper.

Remember Taylor Swift or Avril Lavigne? They are singers who let out their emotions through music and lyrics because for them it acts as a comfort zone. They feel at ease and just let the words run from them and express themselves. Writing eases emotional trauma and satisfies oneself. It helps people heal themselves. If people will write long enough, they will be a healthy person; and to top that, if people will express what they feel through writing then the rate of suicide will decrease.

Writing, it acts like a get-away from the problems and solutions people are facing nowadays. Writing helps people think through solutions, scenarios and explore things. Writing is like taking a step closer to one self’s heart. Frequently, some people do not truly know their thoughts until they put a language to it.

“Writing is truly a creative art – putting word to a blank piece of paper and ending up with a full-fledged story rife with characters and plot.” This factual quote is by William Shatner. Writing is not just putting words in a piece of blank paper but it is also an art. Writers are also artists.

Art is the creation of beautiful or significant things. Shakespeare’s pieces are work of art. People have already dramatized Romeo and Juliet countless times and it is really a work of an art. The primary target for writing as what other authors have said is art. How will writers get into their readers’ mind? It is really challenging to visualize and write it down and expect the readers to get what writers are trying to say.

In writing, creating highly emotive pictures or scenes just using pen and paper instead of paint or other mediums is wonderful because writers let the reader do the imagination. That is why writing becomes an art because writers simply let the readers do their jobs not the writers who simply spoon-fed their readers. Writers simply create beautiful scenes through writing and let it unfold in the reader’s mind.

“The reason why so few good books are written is that so few people who can write know anything.” This is by Walter Bagehot if summarized; writing should not be taken for granted. It takes skill and a whole lot of effort to produce a good writing material unless people can withstand it.

Some good writers like Nicholas Sparks or John Green were able to tug the heartstrings of the readers because they have enough experience and enough skill to write one. It is also a God-given talent to be able to have such skills when it comes to writing. It takes a lot of intellectual capability to write a good story or essay because writing does not only involve a mere pen and paper. “Environmentalist: Someone who believes the living owes him a world” by B.B.J. in Graham, Texas, Rotary Scandal Sheet from Reader’s Digest. Some people may not get this but some can because writing is so complex that everything people know about it is more than that.

Writing can be learned and developed overtime but it takes a whole lot of effort and skill to touch one’s heart. It takes a long time, so learning to write will take a while. According to Rowlins J., the author of ‘The Writer’s Way’, “There is no trick or device or weekend workshop that will handgood writing to you”

Writing is a form a therapy, a beautiful art and a wonderful skill. It is repeatedly stated that writing that writing is more than just a set of words, phrases or sentences. Writing should not be taken so lightly. Some definitions of others regarding writing is standard and thus blinded by the world’s concept of writing. In addition to that, writing is also a therapy that simply eases the writer’s tensions, art that simply shows writer’s creativity and skill that test what writers are capable of.

“The idea is to write so that people hear it and it slides through the brain and goes straight to the heart” Maya Angelou, the author of this inspiring quote simply voices out that writers should have the aim of talking to one’s heart not only to the brain. Some people failed to realize that writing is your comfort zone. A writer can be an artist too! Writing is a complex yet flexible matter and what makes it interesting? It is boundless and more than words.


~ Another piece from my Communication Arts Class under Ms. Basaysay.




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